HR: Internal Communication

Omani Women Day

Dear Ladies, Greetings!

In the celebration of Omani Women Day, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the amazing effort you have made, all the creative ideas you have come up with, and the teamwork spirit you have presented working alongside with your colleagues to wonderfully bringing projects “ideas” to life and being part of EJAZ journey of creating success stories. 

Omani women have shown an active contribution to the community and worked alongside their colleagues in making change and building a new era for women to achieve and take a stand in creating chances that develop and empower the community.

We would like to wish you all prosperity and growth. As we believe that each one of you is creative enough and potential enough to walk the journey of creating many more success stories. 


by Atheer Al Ghailani - 03:52 - 17 Oct 2020