HR: Internal Communication

Ejaz Office No.24 Renovation

Dear All, Good afternoon. 

I hope you all are doing well and having a productive day.

I would like to inform you that starting from next week Sunday 27 September and for a duration of at least two/ three weeks Ejaz office No.24 will be closed due to major renovation that will make our office No.24 more efficient, pleasing, and ready for our creative team to perform.

Moreover, Ejaz office No.21 will be open and the following teams will be present at their places and pursue their normal tasks and working days: 
1. Administration. 
2. Commercial - Sales/ Marketing.
3. Procurement.   
4. Accountant.

However, teams from office No.24 will be temporarily located as follows: 
1. Branding team: CEO office. 
2. Interior design team: working from home. 

The enhancement of Ejaz office No.24 project will be handled by Mr. Salim and Mr. Mubashar. Hence, I would like to thank the team - interior design and branding -  as well as the CEO “you are not forgotten :)” for the effort made in making this difference as the minor changes can always result a great impact. 

Wish you all a wonderful day. 

by Atheer Al Ghailani - 10:59 - 23 Sep 2020