HR Specialist

Muscat, Oman


Role Purpose:

HR Officer at EJAZ CREATIVE STUDIO will recruit, support and develop talent through developing policies and managing procedures. Will also be responsible for administrative tasks and will contribute to making the company a better place to work

Key Accountabilities:

  • Work closely with senior management to identify employees needs and develop strategies for change implementation and development. 

  • Develop a strong relationship with the internal teams through the creation of credibility and open communication and facilitate people management effectively. 

  • Maintain knowledge of legal requirements related to employee management and work towards minimizing the legal risk and maintaining regulatory compliance. 

  • Take the lead in the recruitment process, support in building a new organizational structure and in change implementation. 

  • Identify areas of development and training needs across the company and prepare an evaluation report of  development programs success.

  • Responsible for the delivery of first line advice to employees, management and senior management on all HR matters in accordance with policies, procedures and appropriate legislation.

  • Maintains historical human resource records by designing a filing and retrieval system; keeping past and current records. 

  • Provide HR services to the company and develop policies, programs and solutions. 

  • Identify the workforce capacity and capability needed for achievement of strategic and operational targets. 

  • Provide related HR services i.e. recruitment planning/ needs, risk analysis, policies and procedures and employee code. 

  • Encourage positive change and improvements in management and employee performance.

  • Resolve employees issues through ethical unbiased manners. 

  • Provide guidance on business functions restructures, workforce planning and succession planning.

  • Support in implementation of HR Strategy and understanding organizational vision and culture. 

  • Support in change implementation across business functions and work effectively in increasing employee engagement in the change process and minimize their resistance to change.

  • Focus on the people side of change including changes to work culture, job roles and organization structures.

  • Work on all required government documents for employment processes.

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Engagement in policies and procedures development and delivering requirements within time. 

  • Building a strong relationship with all business functions and emphasis change in a positive manner. 

  • Resolve employee issues and fulfill business functions needs efficiently. 

  • Challenge existing practices and create new innovative solutions to enhance business environment and employee culture. 

  • Study learning and development and plan for an efficient training session as per needed and required. 

  • Ensure that change is managed properly, policies are implemented and training are made effectively.

Core Competencies:

  • Team player and ability to work with internal teams. 

  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and writing. 

  • Able to effectively challenge people, situations and current thinking.  

  • Ability to build strong positive business relationships across.

  • Ability to  analyze a range of quantitative and qualitative information and use this in developing strategies, plans, policies and solutions that meet individual and organizational needs.

  • Able to provide strategic advice, develop options, analyze risks and solve problems.

Professional Qualifications:

Minimum 4 years of experience in Human Resources Management.

Educational Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources.

Employment Type:

Full Time