Creative Representative

Muscat, Oman

Creative Representative at EJAZ® CREATIVE STUDIO is responsible for being the dynamic bridge between our agency and the client’s business. Your role isn't just about selling services; it's about igniting the spark of innovation within clients and guiding them toward visionary solutions. You'll blend your understanding of creativity with strategic insights to create partnerships that push the boundaries of possibility and reshape industries. You'll be the driving force behind our agency's growth and success and your role is to blend the art of sales with the art of creativity, showcasing our agency's unique offerings in a way that captivates clients and fosters lasting partnerships.

Sales and Business Development
Client Relationship Management
Strategic and Creative Thinking
Administrative Work
Adaptability and Agility

How will you shine in this role?

Strategic Visionary:

  1. Identify potential clients and target industries, researching and qualifying leads to expand our customer base.
  2. Examine clients' brand landscapes and industry standings to offer strategic insights that drive the foundation of our creative recommendations.
  3. Conduct thorough technical assessments of clients' requirements, leveraging your expertise to align their needs with our offerings.
  4. Collaborate with our technical teams to tailor solutions that align with clients' specific needs, ensuring optimal fit and satisfaction.
  5. Develop comprehensive creative proposals that outline clear strategies, project timelines, and expected outcomes, instilling confidence in clients' minds.

Strategic Storyteller:

  1. Craft compelling narratives that highlight our agency's portfolio and showcase how we transform brands into captivating stories.
  2. Collaborate with our creative teams to develop tailor-made pitches that resonate with each client's industry, goals, and values.
  3. Craft compelling proposals that present our solutions coherently, addressing clients' challenges and showcasing the value we bring.
  4. Infuse the presentations with creativity, using multimedia elements to ignite clients' imagination and anticipation.
  5. Lead negotiation efforts, working to ensure mutually beneficial terms, and successfully close deals with strategic finesse.

Networking Maestro:

  1. Identify and target potential clients through research, networking, referrals, and utilising digital platforms.
  2. Establish yourself as a trusted advisor by understanding clients' industries, challenges, and market trends.
  3. Regularly attend industry events, conferences, and trade shows to expand your network, stay updated on industry developments, and build rapport with potential clients.
  4. Create and maintain a database of client interactions, ensuring personalised follow-ups and tailored communications.
  5. Collaborate with the marketing team to develop targeted campaigns that resonate with specific client segments.

Relationship Alchemist:

  1. Forge deep and meaningful connections with prospective clients, understanding their needs on a professional level.
  2. Initiate and nurture relationships, ensuring that clients view our agency as a trusted partner on their creative journey.
  3. Continuously engage with existing clients, exploring opportunities for upselling and cross-selling our services.
  4. Maintain accurate records of interactions and deals in the CRM system.
  5. Generate regular sales reports and forecasts to provide insights into pipeline status and potential growth.

Innovation Instigator:

  1. Stay ahead of industry trends, emerging technologies, and artistic movements to spark innovative conversations with clients.
  2. Propose novel creative solutions that align with clients' goals, pushing boundaries and elevating their brand experiences.
  3. Collaborate with our creative teams to translate these concepts into tangible strategies that wow clients.
  4. Continuously enhance your technical understanding to engage in informed conversations with clients.
  5. Incorporate this knowledge into sales strategies to position our offerings effectively.


What's in your professional toolkit?

Academic Certification:

  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Business, Communication, or a related field.

Sales Experience:

  • Proven track record of successful sales experience, preferably in a creative agency or related industry.
  • Experience in selling creative services, marketing solutions, or branding strategies.
  • Strong consultative selling skills, with the ability to understand client needs and offer tailored solutions.
  • Excellent negotiation, persuasion, and objection-handling abilities.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team in a fast-paced environment.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of sales activities, leads, and opportunities using CRM.

Industry Knowledge:

  • In-depth understanding of the creative and advertising industry, including trends, technologies, and best practices.
  • In-depth knowledge of the creative industry, including design trends, emerging technologies, and innovative practices.
  • Understanding of various creative disciplines such as graphic design, branding, digital marketing, interior design, interior fit-out and projects management. 
  • Familiarity with the competitive landscape and key players in the creative agency sector.