HR: Internal Communication

Annual Leave Process Reminder

Dear Team, Good Afternoon. 

I hope you all are doing well, having a productive day, and ready for the weekend. 
I would like to take few minutes of your time to gently remind you of the Annual Leave Process. 

1. Before applying for annual leave on the system each team member needs to place a short meeting with his/her senior manager to inform him/her of their intention for applying for a leave.
* The shortest notice for annual leave is a week (5 working days) and the maximum is two weeks (10 working days). 

2. Your senior manager needs to be informed prior to your leave request submission in the system in order to plan for the work within the department accordingly. 

3. When verbal approval is given then you can submit your leave in the system in order for it to be approved by your senior manager. 

There must be a notice and sort of an agreement between you and your senior manager, as he/she needs to be informed and needs to assure that task distribution is done correctly and won’t cause any delays. 

We wish you all well. 


by Atheer Al Ghailani - 10:56 - 10 Sep 2020